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Natural resins is exuded from a variety of plant.

General Exuded from a variety of plants and trees they are of an inflammable nature, insoluble in water and melt when heated. Epoxy resin may be included in this category.

Natural resins are used for adhesives, lacquers , varnishes and for treating surfaces.Some gums such as Shellac are natural resins.A plastic sheet should be placed on the floors of containers to protect against leakage. See IMDG Code.

Often chemically modified natural resins and organic compounds of solid or liquid polymers which are used in plastics.
See IMDG Code.

Taint & Reefer:
Resins should not be stowed with cargoes liable to taint. They may also be requested for carriage under refrigeration and this would normally be in a non food reefer. If the packaging quality was very good and the brand was non toxic then a standard food grade reefer might be considered.

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